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Searching for the truth… March 5, 2012

The next few days will be filled with interviews from the bayous in Louisiana to the coastal Mississippi towns that have were inundated with Louisiana Sweet Crude, crude oil aerosols, and the dispersants  Corexit 9500, as the primary dispersant, and Corexit 9527 after the BP oil spill.

There were 1.84 million gallons of these two dispersants used…1.07 million gallons were applied directly to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and 771,000 were applied subsurface at the wellhead. This means that for every 93 gallons of crude oil that made contact with the environment one gallon of dispersant was applied to counteract its effects.These figures are staggering to say the least!

From the delicate marshlands and estuaries, the ecosystem, marine and wildlife, to the residents, commercial fishermen/women, tourists, and the community residents, all of the above mentioned groups were put at risk because of BP’s failure to be forthcoming to actual danger of living by, breathing in, and working with this toxic mixture and their failure to provide the proper safety gear to keep the workers from getting sick.

This, to me, was gross negligence on the part of BP to try to reduce their culpability in this matter.


BP should honor their word!!!! June 14, 2011

Please take the time to listen to this powerful song!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2O8MY5CrI

As a follow up to my first documentary: Resilient and Everchanging: Louisiana’s Struggle to Rebound! , I was just in Southern La doing interviews with several people including a local shrimper that I spoke with a year ago. Kevin has informed me that he yet to receive  his money on his claim from BP because he is NOT willing to settle as we still don’t know the long term effects from the oil and the dispersant that were used! He said that they are down 75% of where they were last year as far as what they have caught this season and that with the price of fuel it is hard to have to justify spending the money when the catch is so low or almost nonexistent some trips. “We are losing money going out everyday!”

Now, try to imagine heading off to work everyday (doing something you love), spending the money in fuel, tolls, etc., and working the entire day just to be told that you aren’t getting a paycheck!!!

It is no wonder that BP is almost back to 100% a year later when they are dragging their feet regarding the claims from the folks in La!! There once was a time in our country when your word and a handshake was a sign of your honor and integrity and with that came the respect that you were a person to be trusted.



GCC Alternative Spring Break 2011 March 21, 2011

Well, we are back in Batavia after a great week in NOLA!! This week’s experience was very fulfilling because not only did we help Ms. Lynette move a few steps closer to completion we also presented the documentary to Ms. Raymonda’s and Ms. Mel’s classrooms at Delgado Community College in New Orleans! Both classes asked some great questions and also shared some of their own personal experiences about what they had gone through because of the storm! I honestly think that we helped bring forth some information about the wetlands loss that the students were not aware of.  Because of these classroom encounters, we were able to provide information to a couple of students that may help them start the recovery process for their homes and their families! There is something very satisfying about reaching out and encouraging people in any way that is humanly possible.

I believe that during this past week some of our GCC students were able to experience personal growth and a better understanding of what has been happening in the New Orleans and Southern Louisiana areas. I know for some it was their first time being that far from home which is an educational experience in itself.

I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Kim, Ms. Raymonda, Ms. Mel, all of the students, faculty, staff, and administration at Delgado Community College City Campus, Capt. Wendy, Diane Huhn, Darryl and the staff at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, Pete Nunually, and the many others that helped direct and guide us in this journey!! Without people like you, we would not be able to continue to reach out and help!!

I also want to thank our students at GCC that gave of themselves for this past week to help others!! I continue to be inspired and encouraged for our future when I am in the company of students like the group!!! You guys ROCK!!!

To the faculty, staff, and administration at GCC, well what can I say…all of you make dreams come true, encourage, inspire, and provide an avenue and direction that can truly change a person’s life!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!!!


GCC Alternative Spring Break Contd March 10, 2011

Gearing up for our departure tomorrow evening…you can get a feel for the level of excitement from those that were able to attend the meeting last night! I think we all would have loved to get into the van and head out last night!! We joked that loading all of us into a van…most of us have never met…for a 20+ hour trip is like the “GCC Real World goes to NOLA!!” What better way to get to know a group of people, right?? lol

We will all have our Green on for the parade on Sunday! I know that I am super excited about attending my first New Orleans favor parade…those on the parade route will have no doubts that I am a tourist because I will have my camera and video camera ready to take in very last minute. For some, those memories will be the one and only time they get the chance to relish in that experience so why not just capture that moment in time?

One more sleep and we will be heading to one of the most interesting places I have been…however, I am not sure that I will be able to sleep because I am wayyyyyyyyyyy too excited!!!

Stay tuned…..


GCC Alternative Spring Break 2 preparation continues March 9, 2011

So….three more sleeps and we will be arriving in NOLA!!  We have a meeting with our students this afternoon and I know that the excitement is growing for everyone that is going!!

I finished my ‘To Do List” last night and with that being said we are T minus 2 1/2 days until we leave!!

This trip will be including some educational features such as: showing the documentary at Delgado Community College to administrators, faculty, and students.  We will be attending Ms. Raymonda’s and Ms. Mel’s classes to give an overview of what we do when we come to this great city, what it has meant to us, and how it has changed us as people.  We will be meeting with the folks at Levees.org to further educate ourselves on what truly happened in New Orleans and the potential for this to happen in any town, community, or city that is “protected” by the levee systems across the US!! And we will be heading down to Southern Louisiana to explore the bayous, marshlands, and wetlands so that we can have something tangible to see as we learn about our disappearing wetlands and what we can do to help with this situation!!

All in all, my hope is that the students that come down will leave with a better understanding of what is really happening in Louisiana and New Orleans (and that it is NOT just a Louisiana issue), a love for the people and the culture, and a new found love for the idea of “Giving a hand up and not a hand out!”

Service Learning has provided me with a sense that I have come full circle in my life…there is such a sense of accomplishment that comes from helping those of us that need a “hand up”…if you let it…it can and will change your life!!!

Stay tuned……..



NOLA Day 2 contd October 10, 2010

We had a great time getting to and at the VOW Festival!! Received some more valuable information that will help in putting together my presentation for November and February! I purchased an amazing cookbook that will be going into the auction to help raise monies for the rebuilding efforts in NOLA and Bayou Grace Community Services.
Tonight we are going to the New Orleans Modern Jazz Masters Series – JESSE BOYD at Snug harbor on Frenchmen Street at 8pm. If you are in the area…stop by! It should be a great time!



Today we will be traveling to the
7th Annual VOW Festival at the Southdown Plantation
1298 Museum Drive, Houma, LA 70360. VOW stands for Voices of the Wetlands.
VOW helps to bring awareness to the struggles that are happening in the Louisiana wetlands on a day-to-day and even minute-to-minute basis. There are people everywhere in the United States and the world that are not even aware of the fact that the Louisiana wetlands are disappearing at the rate of A FOOTBALL FIELD EVERY 30-36 MINUTES. Yes, you heard me right every 30-36 minutes!!
From 1932 to 2000, coastal Louisiana lost 1,900 square miles of land, roughly an area the size of the state of Delaware. If nothing more is done to stop this land loss, Louisiana could potentially lose approximately 700 additional square miles of land, or an area about equal to the size of the greater Washington D.C.-Baltimore area, in the next 50 years. (VOW website…http://www.voiceofthewetlands.org/). The LA wetlands are NOT even under the protection of our government and it is time for the people of the United States to become aware of these facts.
For some, they would say that this problem is just a Louisiana problem but it is not. If we, as a country, do not take a stand and we continue to dismiss the fact that the coast Louisiana is disappearing this will cause a chain reaction effecting all of the United States. Just take a second and remember the effects of what happened during and after Hurricane Katrina made landfall…what happened to the gas prices…they jumped $.40 in one day and continued to climb! Now try to imagine what would happen if we lose the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 9th largest in the world???
I will be blogging more on the effects of wetlands loss during the week. But now it is time to get my butt off this chair so that we can head to Houma, LA for a great time of fun and education!!!