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GCC Alternative Spring Break 2011 March 16, 2011

Wow…it seems like forever since my last post but I can assure you that we have been busy! We made great time coming to NOLA and got here on Saturday with enough time to head down to the French Quarter to partake in a carriage ride, Cafe Du Monde, and a stroll down Bourbon Street.

Sunday was went to the French Market for some shopping, Snowballs (Yummy!!), lunch at Margaritaville (gator, conch, and fried green tomatoes) was amazing…The weather has been delightful since we came into town!!

Monday was a great day of working on Ms. Lynette’s home, a trip to Frenchmen Street.  We went to Snug Harbor to enjoy the music of Charmaine Neville and Friends Band and then some dancing at La Maison!! What a fabulous day with the proper mix of work and experiencing the culture of this beautiful city!!

Tuesday was spend enjoying the great company of Ms. Lynette and friends, working outside while enjoying the sunshine, being treated to some good ole red beans and rice….man, life is good!!

Today we went to Delgado Community College City Campus to talk with the students in Ms. Raymonda Dennis’ class regarding what it means and has meant to us to come down to Louisiana and New Orleans to experience service learning first hand. Not to mention, what it brought to our lives immersing ourselves into the culture, experiencing the people, and eating some wonderful food. We showed the documentary “Resilient and Everchanging: Louisiana’s Struggle to Rebound!”  The students were very interactive and made lots of great points and offered some very wonderful information about people that we can talk to so that I can glean some stories and information from them about the issues facing this region right now!! Tonight we are having a gathering to show the documentary and share a meal with some more of the wonderful people that I have had the privilege  if getting to know!!

I will keep you posted!!!



GCC Alternative Spring Break 2 March 8, 2011

Well, we are gearing up for the Second Annual GCC Alternative Spring Break!!  We will be leaving in three days and everyone is excited about heading back to Nawlins to help out the awesome people in that great city!

One of the exciting facts about this trip is that the students are all getting the benefit of a scholarship because of the monies raised from the Batavia-Bayou Cross Cultural Connection!! Each student will only to have to pay $150 each to go to NOLA for Spring Break!!! Yes, you read that right! What an amazing opportunity to go to NOLA for a week of service learning, experiencing the people, culture, food, and a life changing experience.

We will be working with Lynette Boutte again this Break in hopes to move her a few steps closer to completion so that she will be able to enjoy her life totally back in her home.  It is hard for me to even begin to understand what it would feel like to be forced from your home because of flooding that spawned from the levee breaks…but then to still be not be home after more than 5 years…well that should not be happening in this country of ours!!!

As the week goes on I will be filling you in on some of the details about what we are doing and bringing to light some of the facts that are still plaguing this area more than five years since Katrina made landfall, the seriousness of the wetlands loss in Southern Louisiana, and the continuing issues from the BP oil spill!!

Stay tuned…..


NOLA Thanksgiving 2010 November 23, 2010

Last night was amazing! We went down to Snug Harbor on Frenchmen to see Charmaine Neville and Friends. My friends told Bryce Neville that I was my birthday and well, one the very last song Charmaine had me come up on stage. I got to participate in the last song by doing her classic final number…if you don’t know which one I am talking about well then you will have to catch a show and find out first hand. I got to play the tambourine with the band and the experience was, well let’s just say it was, Priceless!! Enjoyed every minute of it!! I love the atmosphere on Frenchmen so much better than that on Bourbon Street.
This morning we are headed to Ms. Lynette’s home to meet with her and Darryl so discuss what we will be doing at her home the rest of the week. Then, it is off to Delgado Community College City Campus for our presentation on the plight of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana and how we are working on helping the great folks in this area out by giving them a hand up and not a hand out.
From there, we are heading down into the bayou so that we can go back out into the bayou. The last time that we were there was in early summer and I want to have another chance to experience these amazing wetlands. Capt. Wendy provides environmental tours that provide so much information about not only the wetlands, bayous, and marshlands but also the damage that has been done because of the oil and gas industry!! This is an experience that everyone that comes this way should experience first hand. This is the link to Capt Wendy’s business…http://wetlandtours.com/. I will be getting some footage for the documentary during this trip.
From there we will head back to Ms. Kim’s to freshen up so that we can head off to Charmaine’s Jazz Club down on St. Charles and MLK for a night of great friends, food, and oh yeah you guessed it more music!!
I hope that your day will bring as much pleasure to you as ours will to us!!!
More later….


NOLA Day 2 contd October 10, 2010

We had a great time getting to and at the VOW Festival!! Received some more valuable information that will help in putting together my presentation for November and February! I purchased an amazing cookbook that will be going into the auction to help raise monies for the rebuilding efforts in NOLA and Bayou Grace Community Services.
Tonight we are going to the New Orleans Modern Jazz Masters Series – JESSE BOYD at Snug harbor on Frenchmen Street at 8pm. If you are in the area…stop by! It should be a great time!