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Thanksgiving NOLA 2010 November 27, 2010

We had a fabulous day working at Ms. Lynette Boutte’s home today!! There is hope that she will be home soon! We will be heading out for Frenchmen’s later to enjoy some great music and hang out with some wonderful friends!!
Thanks to Darryl DancingMan504, Ms. Kim and I will be heading out to Second Line tomorrow morning so that I can shoot some video. Then it is off to the bayou to shoot Capt. Wendy and hopefully, Diane and/or Rebecca from Bayou Grace Community Services.


NOLA Thanksgiving 2010 November 20, 2010

The Omega Nu’s Induction was great! I am taking back some ideas to our chapter…shhhhhh!! lol I made it through my speech without crying although I did tear up but Britt Boyce saved the day.
Today we went on a tour of various parts of New Orleans that covered the socioeconomic standards that are represented here. I am still amazed at the amount of work that still needs to be done in these areas!!
I am looking forward to talking to some of the people that survived the 17th Street canal break. As we toured their area, there were signs in the yards that are demanding investigations into the Army Corp of Engineers and the fact that they admitted to having faulty designs in the level systems. I am sure that these folks will have some interesting stories to tell.
We went to the R & O for lunch and shared some awesome food with some incredible friends! The catfish Po Boy was fabulous!
Heading to Yo Mama’s for “the best burgers in town” tonight!! http://www.yomamasbarandgrill.com/ and then off to Pat O’Briens http://www.patobriens.com/patobriens/.