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Gotta love Louisiana and NOLA May 26, 2011

Well you gotta love Louisiana, I know I do!!!!  Spent the first three days in the bayou with Kim, Capt Wendy, Stephanie, and Isabella at #Camp DuLarge. We went fishing out in #Lake de Cade, by Wendy’s lease, and the Liner Bayou. Enjoyed a great day just relaxing…I know…hard to believe!!! However, the day did not pass without some work being done.

We drove to Scott, La on Wednesday to interview #Drew Landry and I believe that I will be partnering up with him and Cherrie on a few projects. For those of you that do not or have not heard of Drew you should check him out on #YouTube!!  He has written some amazing songs like the #BP Blues!!

Brainstormed with Wendy and Kim this afternoon about a few projects that I am hoping will be implemented before the fall of this year. I am truly amazed, once again, by the resilience of the people in this great state! Wendy was kind enough to share her families experiences with us regarding what they went through during recent hurricanes. It is really hard to wrap my head around what people go through during these times…displacement, personal loss, basic survival just to name a few.  Hearing her story has me MORE determined than ever that I/we should continue to fight for basic rights of the citizens of the United States that have lost everything to these disasters whether they are man-made or natural!!! There is not a citizen in this country that should go to bed at night wondering not when but if they will ever have a home to go back to!


GCC Alternative Spring Break 2011 March 21, 2011

Well, we are back in Batavia after a great week in NOLA!! This week’s experience was very fulfilling because not only did we help Ms. Lynette move a few steps closer to completion we also presented the documentary to Ms. Raymonda’s and Ms. Mel’s classrooms at Delgado Community College in New Orleans! Both classes asked some great questions and also shared some of their own personal experiences about what they had gone through because of the storm! I honestly think that we helped bring forth some information about the wetlands loss that the students were not aware of.  Because of these classroom encounters, we were able to provide information to a couple of students that may help them start the recovery process for their homes and their families! There is something very satisfying about reaching out and encouraging people in any way that is humanly possible.

I believe that during this past week some of our GCC students were able to experience personal growth and a better understanding of what has been happening in the New Orleans and Southern Louisiana areas. I know for some it was their first time being that far from home which is an educational experience in itself.

I would like to take the time to thank Ms. Kim, Ms. Raymonda, Ms. Mel, all of the students, faculty, staff, and administration at Delgado Community College City Campus, Capt. Wendy, Diane Huhn, Darryl and the staff at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, Pete Nunually, and the many others that helped direct and guide us in this journey!! Without people like you, we would not be able to continue to reach out and help!!

I also want to thank our students at GCC that gave of themselves for this past week to help others!! I continue to be inspired and encouraged for our future when I am in the company of students like the group!!! You guys ROCK!!!

To the faculty, staff, and administration at GCC, well what can I say…all of you make dreams come true, encourage, inspire, and provide an avenue and direction that can truly change a person’s life!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!!!


GCC Alternative Spring Break 2011 March 16, 2011

Wow…it seems like forever since my last post but I can assure you that we have been busy! We made great time coming to NOLA and got here on Saturday with enough time to head down to the French Quarter to partake in a carriage ride, Cafe Du Monde, and a stroll down Bourbon Street.

Sunday was went to the French Market for some shopping, Snowballs (Yummy!!), lunch at Margaritaville (gator, conch, and fried green tomatoes) was amazing…The weather has been delightful since we came into town!!

Monday was a great day of working on Ms. Lynette’s home, a trip to Frenchmen Street.  We went to Snug Harbor to enjoy the music of Charmaine Neville and Friends Band and then some dancing at La Maison!! What a fabulous day with the proper mix of work and experiencing the culture of this beautiful city!!

Tuesday was spend enjoying the great company of Ms. Lynette and friends, working outside while enjoying the sunshine, being treated to some good ole red beans and rice….man, life is good!!

Today we went to Delgado Community College City Campus to talk with the students in Ms. Raymonda Dennis’ class regarding what it means and has meant to us to come down to Louisiana and New Orleans to experience service learning first hand. Not to mention, what it brought to our lives immersing ourselves into the culture, experiencing the people, and eating some wonderful food. We showed the documentary “Resilient and Everchanging: Louisiana’s Struggle to Rebound!”  The students were very interactive and made lots of great points and offered some very wonderful information about people that we can talk to so that I can glean some stories and information from them about the issues facing this region right now!! Tonight we are having a gathering to show the documentary and share a meal with some more of the wonderful people that I have had the privilege  if getting to know!!

I will keep you posted!!!



GCC Alternative Spring Break Contd March 10, 2011

Gearing up for our departure tomorrow evening…you can get a feel for the level of excitement from those that were able to attend the meeting last night! I think we all would have loved to get into the van and head out last night!! We joked that loading all of us into a van…most of us have never met…for a 20+ hour trip is like the “GCC Real World goes to NOLA!!” What better way to get to know a group of people, right?? lol

We will all have our Green on for the parade on Sunday! I know that I am super excited about attending my first New Orleans favor parade…those on the parade route will have no doubts that I am a tourist because I will have my camera and video camera ready to take in very last minute. For some, those memories will be the one and only time they get the chance to relish in that experience so why not just capture that moment in time?

One more sleep and we will be heading to one of the most interesting places I have been…however, I am not sure that I will be able to sleep because I am wayyyyyyyyyyy too excited!!!

Stay tuned…..


GCC Alternative Spring Break 2 preparation continues March 9, 2011

So….three more sleeps and we will be arriving in NOLA!!  We have a meeting with our students this afternoon and I know that the excitement is growing for everyone that is going!!

I finished my ‘To Do List” last night and with that being said we are T minus 2 1/2 days until we leave!!

This trip will be including some educational features such as: showing the documentary at Delgado Community College to administrators, faculty, and students.  We will be attending Ms. Raymonda’s and Ms. Mel’s classes to give an overview of what we do when we come to this great city, what it has meant to us, and how it has changed us as people.  We will be meeting with the folks at Levees.org to further educate ourselves on what truly happened in New Orleans and the potential for this to happen in any town, community, or city that is “protected” by the levee systems across the US!! And we will be heading down to Southern Louisiana to explore the bayous, marshlands, and wetlands so that we can have something tangible to see as we learn about our disappearing wetlands and what we can do to help with this situation!!

All in all, my hope is that the students that come down will leave with a better understanding of what is really happening in Louisiana and New Orleans (and that it is NOT just a Louisiana issue), a love for the people and the culture, and a new found love for the idea of “Giving a hand up and not a hand out!”

Service Learning has provided me with a sense that I have come full circle in my life…there is such a sense of accomplishment that comes from helping those of us that need a “hand up”…if you let it…it can and will change your life!!!

Stay tuned……..



Thanksgiving NOLA 2010 November 27, 2010

We had a fabulous day working at Ms. Lynette Boutte’s home today!! There is hope that she will be home soon! We will be heading out for Frenchmen’s later to enjoy some great music and hang out with some wonderful friends!!
Thanks to Darryl DancingMan504, Ms. Kim and I will be heading out to Second Line tomorrow morning so that I can shoot some video. Then it is off to the bayou to shoot Capt. Wendy and hopefully, Diane and/or Rebecca from Bayou Grace Community Services.


NOLA Day #2 contd October 10, 2010

Well, we had a small change of plans tonight…I realized that I really needed to take tonight to finish my homework that is due on the 16th. Yes, I know that the 16th is Saturday but I get back Thursday morning have meetings and class then Friday I have meetings and then I am off to the New York Region Leadership Conference…soooooo if I don’t get it done tonight well…I think I will not get it done. And that is simply not an option!! lol
Thanks to everyone that is following my blog. Earlier I promised to give everyone more information on the wetlands so here it is.
Here are some facts that will show the general population in the United States that the loss of the Barrier Islands and the wetlands this is NOT just a Louisiana problem but a national problem that needs immediate attention!
1. More than one-third of ALL of the seafood in the United States comes from Louisiana…#1 in shrimp, #1 in oysters, #1 in crawfish, #2 in finfish, #2 in crab…approximately 35 to 40 percent of the domestic seafood in our country comes from Louisiana.
2. Louisiana produces one-third of the United States natural gas.
3. One-quarter of all natural gas and crude oil that the United States uses passes through the wetlands in Louisiana.
4. A large percentage of our imported products and coffee pass through the Louisiana ports.
5. Almost all states depend on products that are shipped into the ports of Louisiana for distribution around the United States.
The sad thing is that the problem can be solved and the government has not taken the proper actions to make this happen. Did you know that the Louisiana wetlands are NOT protected or recognized by the government for protection? It is hard to believe that an area that is this valuable to the growth and well being of the United States is not being protected. Case in point, just close your eyes and try to remember how much gas prices shot up immediately after Katrina made landfall and closed down the refineries.
Unfortunately, this year we have the potential to learn just how devastating the long term effects of this continued land loss will have on the Louisiana wetlands and possibly the United States as a whole. With countless millions of gallons of crude floating in the Gulf of Mexico in a year were there isn’t an El Nino in place to help divert the amount of tropical storms and hurricanes, coastal Louisiana may feel the full effect of not having healthy, fully functioning wetlands. With the Barrier Islands in shambles and wetlands that are a skeleton of what they used to be, the first line of defense for keeping the oil from being pushed deeper and further inland could prove to be catastrophic to this area. We are almost five years post-Katrina and there are still families that have not been able to return to their homes for various reasons that we will not get into at this time BUT try to imagine how long it will take to restore Louisiana when the full effect of the oil spill becomes apparent. What will happen to an entire heritage of people? Where will all of the hazardous material go? Will BP live up to their responsibilities? Will our government help? What will happen to the fishing and seafood industry? What will happen to the “Sportsmen’s Paradise?” Will the fine people of Louisiana ever be able to recover? Will the wetlands, bayous, and wildlife ever recover? And the list goes on and on…

And then there are the questions that will affect the United States…What will happen to the price of a gallon gas or natural gas? What will happen to the seafood industry throughout the United States? What will happen to the economy when more people are forced out of their jobs? Does our government have the ability or capability to help everyone that is involved including but not limited to the trickledown effect this will cause? Because we no longer manufacture the majority of products in the United States but import them…What will happen when the average United Stated citizen cannot afford a toaster or blender because the Louisiana ports have closed? And the list goes on and on…
Until tomorrow…


NOLA Bound BABY!! October 8, 2010

Just trying to get homework finished before heading off to New Orleans tomorrow. It is time to get the last of the footage for the documentary. The week is pretty much all mapped out with a few open spots for those last minute additions. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that I have had the privilege to meet over the last year.
It is hard to describe how much my eyes have been opened since my first trip to NOLA in September 2009! Gone are all of the misconceptions that come from the way that the media has covered what happened in the Gulf Coast Region. And with that comes a whole new understanding and enlightenment at the realities that the people in this region have to endure on a daily basis!
Being a Communications and Media Arts major and the fact that I will be getting into Photojournalism, the fact that the media has the power that they have to sway public opinions really scares me. Why is it that we almost never see the good side of human nature during catastrophic times? Any thoughts, questions, or concerns about this issue???