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NOLA Day #5 CONTD October 13, 2010

We had a great meeting with Pete from Episcopal Community Services of LA. He has a wonderful new program that they have started and I will be blogging about it when I have all of the information. His organization is looking for more folks to come on down to New Orleans and help with the rebuilding process. They are a fabulous organization to work with and I know that the experience will either change or enhance your life forever.
Plans have changed for this afternoon! We will be meeting with Bryce Neville this afternoon to take a tour down into the Lower 9th Ward so I will have to reschedule my meeting with Bayou Grace Community Services for next week via video conference. I am looking forward to the tour and filming more footage for the documentary.
It is almost time for my conference call with my fellow GCC SGA officers. Should be a great meeting.