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The Health of the Gulf…a search for the truth!! February 28, 2012

Although we have been playing tourist during our first few days back in Louisiana, I have been on the phone and making contact with numerous people that will be able to shed light on the enormity of the issues that are plaguing the people, the marine life, and the ecosystem in the Gulf Coast Region. I am looking forward to becoming better educated myself and taking what I learn in the process of making this documentary to help others understand what is truly going on here.

The “mainstream media” (for the most part) has been remiss in the way that they have reported these issues and what is happening in this Region. If it where not for the upcoming trial, I do not think that there would be any media coverage at all at this point. It seems to me that if there is not money or ratings to be made news such as this falls by the wayside.

I have a feeling that even with all that I have learned that I, too, will be enlightened by what I am about to see and experience on this journey for the truth. I know that emotions are raw especially as people continue to become sicker with no real help from the source of their sickness. I have no doubt that my life will be forever changed after the interviews that I am about to embark on…but the truth NEEDS to be told!

Tomorrow we will be participating in a March and Rally for a Fair and Just Outcome of the BP Trial! The event is scheduled from 1pm-4pm. Plan to attend by joining us at 1pm at BP Headquarters,1250 Poydras, and march to the Hale Boggs Federal Building, 500 Poydras, at 1:30pm. Signs and costume are encouraged. There will be several quest speakers there along with an open-mic forum. Hope to see y’all out there!


The Health of the Gulf Coast and the folks that live, breathe, eat, sleep, protect, and work in the Gulf Coast Region. February 25, 2012

I am heading to the Gulf Coast Region as I type this to y’all to make a documentary to educate and raise awareness of the plight of the citizens of the area and the peope that were drawn to this area to help out during the biggest environmental disaster in out history.
There are so many aspects of what happened on the fateful day in April when the Deep Water Horizon rig exploded… initially taking the lives if 11 workers and spewing millions of gallons of Louisiana Sweet Crude into the Gulf of Mexico forever changing the lives of countless people and altering the ecosystem in the Gulf.
Life for these folks in the Region will never be the same and their stories will follow….


Gotta love Louisiana and NOLA May 26, 2011

Well you gotta love Louisiana, I know I do!!!!  Spent the first three days in the bayou with Kim, Capt Wendy, Stephanie, and Isabella at #Camp DuLarge. We went fishing out in #Lake de Cade, by Wendy’s lease, and the Liner Bayou. Enjoyed a great day just relaxing…I know…hard to believe!!! However, the day did not pass without some work being done.

We drove to Scott, La on Wednesday to interview #Drew Landry and I believe that I will be partnering up with him and Cherrie on a few projects. For those of you that do not or have not heard of Drew you should check him out on #YouTube!!  He has written some amazing songs like the #BP Blues!!

Brainstormed with Wendy and Kim this afternoon about a few projects that I am hoping will be implemented before the fall of this year. I am truly amazed, once again, by the resilience of the people in this great state! Wendy was kind enough to share her families experiences with us regarding what they went through during recent hurricanes. It is really hard to wrap my head around what people go through during these times…displacement, personal loss, basic survival just to name a few.  Hearing her story has me MORE determined than ever that I/we should continue to fight for basic rights of the citizens of the United States that have lost everything to these disasters whether they are man-made or natural!!! There is not a citizen in this country that should go to bed at night wondering not when but if they will ever have a home to go back to!


NOLA Day #4 October 12, 2010

Today was eventful. We drove down into Plaquamines Parish from Venice to Buras. It is eye-opening to see the residual damage that is still visual all of these years later. Every time I come to Louisiana, I have a new found an appreciation for what the people in this area are and have gone through. From the vehicle that is still stuck in the water in the wetlands, to the homes in various stages of disrepair, to the spoken words from the survivors that ring true after surveying the landscape all over the state. As of today, I have been to all areas of Louisiana and the picture is the same…various stages of damage and/or total destruction still evident in certain areas. The one thing that I have always found that really pulls on my heartstrings is the fact that everyone that I have talked to still has the hope, the fortitude, and the resilience that things will turn around and that this situation will NOT get the best of them!!


NOLA Day #4

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SO, we ended day #3 at Snug Harbor with some great food, people, conversations about everything under the sun, and awesome music. I had an amazing conversation with Bryce and Damion Neville before the performance about New Orleans and Louisiana before, during, and after Katrina. Every time that I hear another person’s perspective on what transpired on and after the dreadful day I cannot help but wonder why this can happen in this great country of ours. Why is that that OVER 5 YEARS after Katrina made landfall there are still areas that do NOT have hospitals??? Or schools that have never reopened??? Or entire neighborhoods that haven’t been rebuilt??? I am sorry but I cannot even begin to wrap my head around those facts or why this can happen in America!! Where is the national outcry that injustices are being done right here in America??
I have heard so many people say that they don’t understand why the New Orleanians went so crazy about the Saints winning the Super Bowl….that is easy! In an area that has suffered through Katrina and Rita (are various other issues…yes, BP being a huge one), so much negative news media, every type of government failure from city, state, parish, and federal, and the list goes on and on…why would they not want to bask in the hope and splendor of their team showing the entire world that the New Orleans area (and the entire population of the Gulf Coast) and its people may have been down but the will NOT allow themselves to be kept there by anyone.
The spirit and resilience of the people in Louisiana and the Gulf coast region is impressive. A good friend just recently told me that with all of the media attention going to the New Orleans area that the nation forgets that there are other areas throughout the Gulf Coast region that were hard hit too. One of those areas is Buras, LA in Plaquamine’s Parish. Thank you Cynthia for giving my your brother’s number so that I can call him today.
More to come…


NOLA DAY #3 Buras, LA October 11, 2010

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This morning we will be heading to Plaquemine’s Parish. Plaquemines Parish is the “toe of the boot” shaped Peninsula that juts out into the Gulf of Mexico below New Orleans. Buras, LA is where Katrina first came ashore on August 29th, 2005. Katrina brought a 28 foot Tsunami-type storm surge that hit this area dead on. The pictures that I have seen from this area right after the storm had the goose bumps raising on my arms!! It looked like ground zero of a war zone.
We are heading out the door so there will be more to come later….


NOLA DAY 2 October 10, 2010

Today we will be traveling to the
7th Annual VOW Festival at the Southdown Plantation
1298 Museum Drive, Houma, LA 70360. VOW stands for Voices of the Wetlands.
VOW helps to bring awareness to the struggles that are happening in the Louisiana wetlands on a day-to-day and even minute-to-minute basis. There are people everywhere in the United States and the world that are not even aware of the fact that the Louisiana wetlands are disappearing at the rate of A FOOTBALL FIELD EVERY 30-36 MINUTES. Yes, you heard me right every 30-36 minutes!!
From 1932 to 2000, coastal Louisiana lost 1,900 square miles of land, roughly an area the size of the state of Delaware. If nothing more is done to stop this land loss, Louisiana could potentially lose approximately 700 additional square miles of land, or an area about equal to the size of the greater Washington D.C.-Baltimore area, in the next 50 years. (VOW website…http://www.voiceofthewetlands.org/). The LA wetlands are NOT even under the protection of our government and it is time for the people of the United States to become aware of these facts.
For some, they would say that this problem is just a Louisiana problem but it is not. If we, as a country, do not take a stand and we continue to dismiss the fact that the coast Louisiana is disappearing this will cause a chain reaction effecting all of the United States. Just take a second and remember the effects of what happened during and after Hurricane Katrina made landfall…what happened to the gas prices…they jumped $.40 in one day and continued to climb! Now try to imagine what would happen if we lose the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 9th largest in the world???
I will be blogging more on the effects of wetlands loss during the week. But now it is time to get my butt off this chair so that we can head to Houma, LA for a great time of fun and education!!!