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Sandy Rebuilding: Let our journey begin! October 21, 2013

I am laying here in the dark watching the lights of an airplane pass by the window and I find my thoughts drifting to these days’ events. I am looking forward to introducing our #SUNY Empire State College students to the amazing feeling of volunteerism by ‘giving a hand up and not a hand out.’ We are in Staten Island to work with the Episcopal Diocese of New York Disaster Response in Sandy Rebuilding. There is something very satisfying in knowing that with each hour of time we dedicate to this effort a family is that much closer to being able to go home.

I find myself reflecting on how fast any disaster can strike each of us and how fortunate I am because I have not had to deal with this type of circumstance. I cannot fathom what it feels like to not be able to walk across the threshold of my home especially with the holidays fast approaching. The classic line, “Home is where the heart is” truly does test the theory that one must work to adapt during our most difficult and trying times.Those feelings are what drive me to reach out to those wonderful folks that are waiting to go home.

I am excited to get started and 8:30 am cannot get here fast enough!