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NOLA Thanksgiving 2010 November 23, 2010

Last night was amazing! We went down to Snug Harbor on Frenchmen to see Charmaine Neville and Friends. My friends told Bryce Neville that I was my birthday and well, one the very last song Charmaine had me come up on stage. I got to participate in the last song by doing her classic final number…if you don’t know which one I am talking about well then you will have to catch a show and find out first hand. I got to play the tambourine with the band and the experience was, well let’s just say it was, Priceless!! Enjoyed every minute of it!! I love the atmosphere on Frenchmen so much better than that on Bourbon Street.
This morning we are headed to Ms. Lynette’s home to meet with her and Darryl so discuss what we will be doing at her home the rest of the week. Then, it is off to Delgado Community College City Campus for our presentation on the plight of New Orleans and Southern Louisiana and how we are working on helping the great folks in this area out by giving them a hand up and not a hand out.
From there, we are heading down into the bayou so that we can go back out into the bayou. The last time that we were there was in early summer and I want to have another chance to experience these amazing wetlands. Capt. Wendy provides environmental tours that provide so much information about not only the wetlands, bayous, and marshlands but also the damage that has been done because of the oil and gas industry!! This is an experience that everyone that comes this way should experience first hand. This is the link to Capt Wendy’s business…http://wetlandtours.com/. I will be getting some footage for the documentary during this trip.
From there we will head back to Ms. Kim’s to freshen up so that we can head off to Charmaine’s Jazz Club down on St. Charles and MLK for a night of great friends, food, and oh yeah you guessed it more music!!
I hope that your day will bring as much pleasure to you as ours will to us!!!
More later….