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Striving for Perfection (The Series) July 15, 2014

It has been a challenge living in a world in which I was striving for perfection. When I entered back into academia after a 27 year gap I was pretty scared but very excited. My lifelong dream has always been to attend college and to be the first of my siblings to receive a college degree. I have stepped outside of my comfort zone and recently received my BA in Photojournalism/Documentary Production. Over three decades have passed since I graduated from high school coupled with my survival in a car crash and a traumatic brain injury that left me feeling shattered and broken as I worked through the recovery process. My doctors told me that my goal of college would most likely not be in my future and those words made me work harder than I ever imagined that I could to achieve my dream. I have been fortunate to have had dedicated staff, faculty, mentors, and tutors to set up various tools to help me work and learn at the best of my ability.

In retrospect, this was a time of reemergence or rebirth because the process has changed my prospective on life as a whole. My eyes are now wide open to the discovery of life and I plan to live it in the terms of not what I have lost but what I have gained!

More to come…


The Value of Life’s Lessons! May 24, 2014

With Memorial Day just around the corner I find myself thinking about my Dad and all of the valuable lessons he taught me over the years.  Don’t get me wrong, there was a a time in my life when I thought that I knew everything and some of his advise was meaningless! But like most things in life, you never seem to appreciate them fully until you don’t have them in your life everyday.

I was just listening to Aaron Lewis and his song called “Granddaddy’s Gun.”  And the images of my Dad and my Son came flooding through my mind.  My Dad stepped up to be the father figure for my Son when he was growing up!  He never even batted an eye when he took on this responsibility and from the moment that Josh was born I could see how proud my Dad was of him.  He taught him about being a good man, showed him what it means to take care of your family, tousled with him and made him strong, taught him about having pride in your country, and loved on him!!  My Dad laid an amazing foundation for this little boy and continued to extend that foundation as he grew to be a man.  Dad would have been so proud of you Josh.  

This song means so much to me because one of the things that we always did throughout my life was travel to Vedauwoo, Crystal Reservoir, and Curt Gowdy State Park for our family outings.  We would take the Coleman stove, our food, the guns, and extra trash bags and off we would hike to a great spot with a natural backdrop for shooting guns. Those times continued up until my Dad passed away 11 years ago and man how I miss them and him.  Never take your time with someone important for granted because each day that we are given is a gift!! Love and miss you Dad and I wish you could teach me more of life’s lessons!!