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NOLA Day #5 CONTD October 13, 2010

We had a great meeting with Pete from Episcopal Community Services of LA. He has a wonderful new program that they have started and I will be blogging about it when I have all of the information. His organization is looking for more folks to come on down to New Orleans and help with the rebuilding process. They are a fabulous organization to work with and I know that the experience will either change or enhance your life forever.
Plans have changed for this afternoon! We will be meeting with Bryce Neville this afternoon to take a tour down into the Lower 9th Ward so I will have to reschedule my meeting with Bayou Grace Community Services for next week via video conference. I am looking forward to the tour and filming more footage for the documentary.
It is almost time for my conference call with my fellow GCC SGA officers. Should be a great meeting.


NOLA Bound BABY!! October 8, 2010

Just trying to get homework finished before heading off to New Orleans tomorrow. It is time to get the last of the footage for the documentary. The week is pretty much all mapped out with a few open spots for those last minute additions. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that I have had the privilege to meet over the last year.
It is hard to describe how much my eyes have been opened since my first trip to NOLA in September 2009! Gone are all of the misconceptions that come from the way that the media has covered what happened in the Gulf Coast Region. And with that comes a whole new understanding and enlightenment at the realities that the people in this region have to endure on a daily basis!
Being a Communications and Media Arts major and the fact that I will be getting into Photojournalism, the fact that the media has the power that they have to sway public opinions really scares me. Why is it that we almost never see the good side of human nature during catastrophic times? Any thoughts, questions, or concerns about this issue???