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GCC Alternative Spring Break 2 March 8, 2011

Well, we are gearing up for the Second Annual GCC Alternative Spring Break!!  We will be leaving in three days and everyone is excited about heading back to Nawlins to help out the awesome people in that great city!

One of the exciting facts about this trip is that the students are all getting the benefit of a scholarship because of the monies raised from the Batavia-Bayou Cross Cultural Connection!! Each student will only to have to pay $150 each to go to NOLA for Spring Break!!! Yes, you read that right! What an amazing opportunity to go to NOLA for a week of service learning, experiencing the people, culture, food, and a life changing experience.

We will be working with Lynette Boutte again this Break in hopes to move her a few steps closer to completion so that she will be able to enjoy her life totally back in her home.  It is hard for me to even begin to understand what it would feel like to be forced from your home because of flooding that spawned from the levee breaks…but then to still be not be home after more than 5 years…well that should not be happening in this country of ours!!!

As the week goes on I will be filling you in on some of the details about what we are doing and bringing to light some of the facts that are still plaguing this area more than five years since Katrina made landfall, the seriousness of the wetlands loss in Southern Louisiana, and the continuing issues from the BP oil spill!!

Stay tuned…..


NOLA Day #5 October 13, 2010

So today is gonna be action packed!! Heading to interview Pete at Episcopal Community Services of LA, Hank at New Orleans Tourism, Diane and Rebecca from Bayou Grace Community Services, Scott regarding the rebuilding of the Gentilly area, Lynette a dear friend that we had the privilege of meeting in our travels here, Bryce, Damion, and Charmaine Neville tonight at Charmaine Neville’s Jazz Club. There will be some Salsa Dancing at the club tonight with Ms. Kim, Ms. Emily, and J.c.
Hopefully we will be having lunch with Patrice when we are talking with Ms. Mel at Delgado Community College City Campus.
What a great day!!!


NOLA Day 1 Comes to an end October 10, 2010

So, we went down on Frenchmen Street tonight to The Maison (http://www.maisonfrenchmen.com/) to be a part of Cyril Neville’s Birthday Bash. It was a great time with some amazing musicians. It was a beautiful night so we went to Charmaine Neville’s Jazz Club on St. Charles and enjoyed drinks on the balcony!
I love the culture here. You can truly immerse yourself in it 24/7, 365 days of the year! Gotta love it. Until tomorrow, be safe and have a great night!