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Life comes full circle. March 16, 2012

I left the Gulf Coast area to visit my family in Colorado. It has been way too long since the last time that I was here. I feel that my life has come full circle when I have the chance to hold my beautiful granddaughters in my arms! Being with them and my family make me feel complete and they inspire me to make sure that the world is a better place for all of us! I know that I want my granddaughters to have the basic human rights of clean air and water!

I know that the work that I have been doing to in the Gulf Coast is so very important and I am truly saddened by the fact that  the folks that were killed on the Deepwater Horizon and/or the folks that have gotten sick will or may not have this same opportunity with their own children, parents, wives, husbands, and grandchildren!!!

Please think about taking a stand for what should be simple, basic human rights…CLEAN AIR AND WATER!!


Reality…there is no doubt that BP has lied and covered up more than we may ever know!! March 10, 2012

We, as citizens, of America NEED to make sure that we get the full truth about what has happened in not only the Gulf of Mexico BUT with any operation that BP has had their grimy fingers in!! BP has been allowed to spill, kill, explode, damage, poison, and destroy their way throughout our country and quite possibly in more areas than we will ever know!!!

The scary thing to me is that our government (all agencies that have been involved) appear to kowtow to this huge corporation. A corporation that is responsible for this magnitude of environmental disaster should never have been able to oversee the cleanup and recovery efforts because that was a heinous conflict-of-interest!!

I have had several opportunities to be out on the water and see for myself, firsthand, some of the residual effects from the BP oil spill. Yesterday we went down to Orange Beach, AL and toured the back bay with Capt Lori from the Dolphin Queen Cruises. There once was a time when the dolphins would frolic and play but it seems that the matter of their survival has outweighed their playful nature. The dolphins that we did see appeared to be on a mission and they moved with speed and precision to that destination. Capt Lori explained to us that some of the dolphins have lost weight, deformities, and loss of new calves during birthing season.

To me, it does not take a scientist to figure out that what we saw in the water yesterday is causing severe problems for marine life, wildlife, and human life!! Our voices need to be unified, strong, and persistent when addressing these major issues!!!


Hope is possible! March 8, 2012

A few days ago I was talking with several Louisiana fishermen regarding their health issues that are related to the BP oil spill. I was touched by one gentleman’s story of how he opted to take the “Feinberg settlement” and how he reinvested most of this money back into his business in hope that he would be back to work as soon as possible. These hopes hinged on the fact that BP, some scientists, and our government had stated that the oil was 75% gone and the beaches were safe because of articles and statements like the following:
Nearly three-fourths of oil from the BP spill is gone from the Gulf of Mexico, with 26 percent remaining as a sheen or tarballs, buried in sediment, or washed ashore, U.S. scientists said Wednesday. (http://www.cnbc.com/id/38557692/Nearly_75_of_BP_Spill_Oil_Is_Gone_From_Gulf_Scientists) and
President Obama declared Gulf Coast beaches clean, safe, and open for business Saturday as he brought his family to the Florida Panhandle and promised residents that the government wouldn’t forget them once efforts to stop the leak are finished. (http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2010-08-14-obama-florida-trip_N.htm)

I know in my heart-of-hearts that he is not alone and may others had taken that initial settlement thinking that they would be back to work shortly. The fact is that BP and Feinberg knew that they had so many of the folks in the Gulf Coast Region over a barrel because many of them were not able to work their regular jobs and support their families due to the spill. Some of these folks were looking at repossession of property, eviction, talks of foreclosure, and the sense of failure because they were not able to provide for their families.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that the people in this Region are hard-working, resilient, proud, with a sense of pride in their heritage. Most of them are multi-generational fishermen, shrimpers, crabbers, oystermen, etc. and their way-of-life is in jeopardy for not only them but their children.

The hope comes from a conversation that I had yesterday with Loyola Law Professor Blaine LeCesne. There will be more to come on this as soon as I have more information.


Research is enlightening! March 7, 2012

I want to say thank you to everyone that has and is giving me the privilege to interview them for my documentary. The information that I have been able to glean so far has really opened my eyes to the depth and gravity of the issues in the Gulf Coast Region.

There are some amazing organizations that have stepped up during this crisis to give a helping hand to all of those that need it…from the environment, the marine and wildlife, the economy, the heritage of people that make their living off of the land and water, and the people that have gotten sick.

I was honored to sit down with an amazing woman from one of those organizations yesterday. Bonny L. Schumaker, Ph.D. is the President and Founder of On Wings of Care, Inc. which is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to Saving Lives and Habitat. Here is the link to their website…http://www.onwingsofcare.org/. Please take the time to check out the website as there are some very informative videos and articles about the Gulf of Mexico and various other endeavors that Bonny’s organization is involved with.

In the last year and a half, Bonny has flown roughly 500 hours doing aerial imaging and wildlife spotting over the Gulf. She has flown chemists, geologists, geophysicists, physicists, wildlife biologists as well as a journalist or two so that they would have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the Gulf.

Without the help of these organizations and various other grassroots groups, I do not believe that the public would have as much information about what is truly happening in the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal areas of the Gulf since the explosion of BP’s Macando well on April 20, 2010.

Keep up the great work by educating and bringing awareness to the masses when the traditional means of news has for the most part failed us.


Knowledge is Powerful!! March 6, 2012

Each an every day I am learning so much more about the people that have gotten sick because of the BP oil spill. The courage that it takes to continue to fight for a cure when it seems that there are no doctors that can help you can be an undaunting task.

One common thread that I have found is a strong support system between those that are sick and their family and friends. Those support systems seem to help the folks that are sick continue their fight to get the answers and treatment that they deserve.

There is a strong community of people that have banded together to fight for the rights of everyone and everything involved and/or affected because of the BP oil spill. I have a renewed sense of pride in people as I see others reaching out to make sure that this disaster (and everything surrounding it) does not get “swept under the rug” by BP and the powers to be!



Searching for the truth… March 5, 2012

The next few days will be filled with interviews from the bayous in Louisiana to the coastal Mississippi towns that have were inundated with Louisiana Sweet Crude, crude oil aerosols, and the dispersants  Corexit 9500, as the primary dispersant, and Corexit 9527 after the BP oil spill.

There were 1.84 million gallons of these two dispersants used…1.07 million gallons were applied directly to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and 771,000 were applied subsurface at the wellhead. This means that for every 93 gallons of crude oil that made contact with the environment one gallon of dispersant was applied to counteract its effects.These figures are staggering to say the least!

From the delicate marshlands and estuaries, the ecosystem, marine and wildlife, to the residents, commercial fishermen/women, tourists, and the community residents, all of the above mentioned groups were put at risk because of BP’s failure to be forthcoming to actual danger of living by, breathing in, and working with this toxic mixture and their failure to provide the proper safety gear to keep the workers from getting sick.

This, to me, was gross negligence on the part of BP to try to reduce their culpability in this matter.


The Health of the Gulf…a search for the truth!! February 28, 2012

Although we have been playing tourist during our first few days back in Louisiana, I have been on the phone and making contact with numerous people that will be able to shed light on the enormity of the issues that are plaguing the people, the marine life, and the ecosystem in the Gulf Coast Region. I am looking forward to becoming better educated myself and taking what I learn in the process of making this documentary to help others understand what is truly going on here.

The “mainstream media” (for the most part) has been remiss in the way that they have reported these issues and what is happening in this Region. If it where not for the upcoming trial, I do not think that there would be any media coverage at all at this point. It seems to me that if there is not money or ratings to be made news such as this falls by the wayside.

I have a feeling that even with all that I have learned that I, too, will be enlightened by what I am about to see and experience on this journey for the truth. I know that emotions are raw especially as people continue to become sicker with no real help from the source of their sickness. I have no doubt that my life will be forever changed after the interviews that I am about to embark on…but the truth NEEDS to be told!

Tomorrow we will be participating in a March and Rally for a Fair and Just Outcome of the BP Trial! The event is scheduled from 1pm-4pm. Plan to attend by joining us at 1pm at BP Headquarters,1250 Poydras, and march to the Hale Boggs Federal Building, 500 Poydras, at 1:30pm. Signs and costume are encouraged. There will be several quest speakers there along with an open-mic forum. Hope to see y’all out there!


The Health of the Gulf Coast and the folks that live, breathe, eat, sleep, protect, and work in the Gulf Coast Region. February 25, 2012

I am heading to the Gulf Coast Region as I type this to y’all to make a documentary to educate and raise awareness of the plight of the citizens of the area and the peope that were drawn to this area to help out during the biggest environmental disaster in out history.
There are so many aspects of what happened on the fateful day in April when the Deep Water Horizon rig exploded… initially taking the lives if 11 workers and spewing millions of gallons of Louisiana Sweet Crude into the Gulf of Mexico forever changing the lives of countless people and altering the ecosystem in the Gulf.
Life for these folks in the Region will never be the same and their stories will follow….


BP should honor their word!!!! June 14, 2011

Please take the time to listen to this powerful song!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2O8MY5CrI

As a follow up to my first documentary: Resilient and Everchanging: Louisiana’s Struggle to Rebound! , I was just in Southern La doing interviews with several people including a local shrimper that I spoke with a year ago. Kevin has informed me that he yet to receive  his money on his claim from BP because he is NOT willing to settle as we still don’t know the long term effects from the oil and the dispersant that were used! He said that they are down 75% of where they were last year as far as what they have caught this season and that with the price of fuel it is hard to have to justify spending the money when the catch is so low or almost nonexistent some trips. “We are losing money going out everyday!”

Now, try to imagine heading off to work everyday (doing something you love), spending the money in fuel, tolls, etc., and working the entire day just to be told that you aren’t getting a paycheck!!!

It is no wonder that BP is almost back to 100% a year later when they are dragging their feet regarding the claims from the folks in La!! There once was a time in our country when your word and a handshake was a sign of your honor and integrity and with that came the respect that you were a person to be trusted.



Gotta love Louisiana and NOLA May 26, 2011

Well you gotta love Louisiana, I know I do!!!!  Spent the first three days in the bayou with Kim, Capt Wendy, Stephanie, and Isabella at #Camp DuLarge. We went fishing out in #Lake de Cade, by Wendy’s lease, and the Liner Bayou. Enjoyed a great day just relaxing…I know…hard to believe!!! However, the day did not pass without some work being done.

We drove to Scott, La on Wednesday to interview #Drew Landry and I believe that I will be partnering up with him and Cherrie on a few projects. For those of you that do not or have not heard of Drew you should check him out on #YouTube!!  He has written some amazing songs like the #BP Blues!!

Brainstormed with Wendy and Kim this afternoon about a few projects that I am hoping will be implemented before the fall of this year. I am truly amazed, once again, by the resilience of the people in this great state! Wendy was kind enough to share her families experiences with us regarding what they went through during recent hurricanes. It is really hard to wrap my head around what people go through during these times…displacement, personal loss, basic survival just to name a few.  Hearing her story has me MORE determined than ever that I/we should continue to fight for basic rights of the citizens of the United States that have lost everything to these disasters whether they are man-made or natural!!! There is not a citizen in this country that should go to bed at night wondering not when but if they will ever have a home to go back to!