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The scariest day! November 23, 2016

I have decided to take this journey out of the private realm in hopes that I can help bring awareness to other people who are facing a similar journey of their own! This is my story…

On Friday the 18th of November 2016 (three days after my 54th birthday), I went in for a “routine” mammogram…this quickly turned into something far scarier. After the second screening, I was told that I needed to go in for an ultrasound because the doctor saw something on the films…by this time I was a bag of nerves and on the verge of tears. She walked me through the process and as I watched the screen I saw the black spot. At first, I was thinking this looks like a black hole against the other tissue. The doctor was calling out measurements to the nurse and now I am beyond scared. She said that she was “very concerned” by what she was seeing and asked if I could stay for a biopsy. She took biopsy samples from three areas.

The problem with going for a mammogram/with subsequent biopsies on a Friday afternoon is that the labs do not work on the weekends so I had to wait until Monday to get my results.The waiting is…so hard!!! I wanted information to process and not idle time to get inside my head. It’s a confusing place in there with everything swirling around as I was trying to make sense of what ‘could’ be happening within my body.

On Saturday morning, I posted on FB “I am in need of some prayers, energy, well wishes, etc. Thank you so much!” I felt that I needed some extra help from my family and friends!

It’s interesting because even after saying all that when the phone rang I was almost too afraid to answer it…I finally answered after about the fourth ring and I could tell by her voice even before she said, “I am sorry to have to tell you this…you have breast cancer.”

My world just stopped…I could not catch my breath…I asked a few questions like, “What stage is this considered? Will I need radiation and/or chemo? Are there different types of breast cancer? Can this be done right away?” My mind is screaming, “NO, not cancer!!” So many thoughts have been clogging my head since last night.

Monday night, I posted “There are no words…..”  But yet, right now I feel strangely calm…scared but calm.

This morning I went in for my breast MRI and genetic testing since there is a history of breast cancer/issues on my Mom’s side of the family. The breast MRI will tell the doctors is there is any other cancer in either breast and/or my lymph nodes.

I posted on FB, “My head is spinning….so much happening so fast!! The Elizabeth Wende Breast Care clinic and the staff are amazing. Breathe Lori, just breathe!” More waiting…

They took a vial of blood to send off to be tested to see if this is genetic…more waiting……..this will take at least two weeks.

I was sitting in the waiting room after I was finished with my MRI and I was asked to wait because the doctor wanted to give me my results before I left. I have to say that my heart was in my throat and my stomach was turning as I wondered if there would be bad news…..

I posted on FB “So….I had the first bit of good news! After the MRI, the cancer is contained to the one spot! YAY!!!! I’m going to wait for the genetic testing to come back before I make any surgery decisions.” YAY!!

I have an appointment scheduled with the Dr. Yellin with the Breast Center Team on the 5th of December for a consultation…more waiting!  This diagnosis is definitely going to teach me patience!

The outpouring of support, love, caring, prayers, thoughts, hugs, and well wishes has been overwhelming!  Thank you to everyone for your love and support. Without your words of encouragement I would be floundering right now.

More to come…





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