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Transitional for #SUNYSA May 31, 2014

#SUNYSA is hosting Transitional at the Beaver Hollow/ The Biggest Loser Resort Niagara. This resort is so beautiful/relaxing and the staff has been amazing to work with.

Transitional is a time for us to come together to plan our goals, network with newly elected Executive Board and representatives, and to elect our directors. We will have time to participate in some team building, bonding around a campfire, and learning more about our new positions and each other! Additionally, the reps will receive their campus assignments!

The first meeting went really well and it was great seeing everyone again.  We have so many issues and concerns that we will need to focus on during the upcoming year as we are advocating for our #SUNY students. I totally enjoyed sitting around the campfire, eating S’mores, and talking/bonding with everyone.  We had some interesting and informative conversations which covered the gamut of financial aide, veteran’s issues, politics, and beyond!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as we team build and learn more about our directors.  What a great group of student leaders that are ready, willing, and able to give of themselves for the serve of others. I talked with the group about participating in a couple community service trips to New Orleans and areas on the East coast which were devastated by Superstorm Sandy.



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