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The Power in Volunteer/Community Service/Service Learning Work Part III November 1, 2013


Part III of this series is about service learning.  What is Service Learning and how is it different from volunteering and community service?  Service learning fosters a way to encourage student learning and development by engaging the student in an organized community service activity and helps the student to apply this experience together with his/her personal and academic curriculum. The service combined with the learning occurs when the student had the opportunity to reflect on the learning goals and service outcomes.  This unique combination makes service learning different from an internship or volunteer work because both the provider and the recipient of the service are benefited equally.

Service Learning involves people of all ages from elementary school, secondary school, higher education, community service program, and the community.  The process helps to foster civic responsibility.  The learning is linked to the needs of the community while working in cooperation with various community partners and the service recipients.  Service learning comes full circle with the course materials which prepare the student through discussions and the analysis of theories and ideas, participating on the activity within the community, and the time that the students have to reflect on the experience while tying that service experience back to specific learning goals.


For more information, please visit: http://serc.carleton.edu/introgeo/service/benefits.html,


4 Responses to “The Power in Volunteer/Community Service/Service Learning Work Part III”

  1. Celia Knight Says:

    Hi Lori,

    You are such a great source for me to find resources.

    I am very interested in participating in Service Leaders.

    Thank you for sharing such good information!

  2. Celia Knight Says:

    I figured out how to post!

  3. Celia Knight Says:

    I am enjoying reading your blog Lori, but I have signed up at least twice, because everytime I read a new blog and try to comment it says I am not signed up, yet I am receiving your blog in my e-mail. I just tried to comment on your newest blog and I could not. I went back to my trash and confirmed again, but now I can only post on this blogs or older ones. Frustrating. I did however, enjoy your most recent blog. It seems like it is always something to test my patience!

  4. Celia Knight Says:

    Okay, let me try signing in through Celia Knight instead of my e-mail.

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