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The Power in Volunteer/Community Service/Service Learning Work October 28, 2013

This will be a three-part series regarding ways to give back to organizations/communities, etc. The first area that I will cover will be volunteering and this poem describes the essence of a volunteer!

Everyday Heroes

Volunteer holding elderly person's hand

Here’s to the everyday heroes,
The volunteers who do what they can,
To ease the suffering of others,
And be of service to their fellow man.

May they know the true satisfaction
That comes from helping others
Less fortunate than themselves,
But no less their sisters and brothers.

May they feel the gratitude in our hearts
For all of the good that they’ve done.
The appreciation that we all feel for them
Is truly second to none.

A volunteer is a person that gives of his or her time and skills to a project, organization, and service and in doing so gives back to those in need of a hand up and also by making his/her community better.

The volunteers are not given any monetary compensation but give of their time just because it feels good to do a good deed for others. There are many types and ways to volunteer!  A person can help an urban garden, plant trees in the community, spend time with the elderly, donate and/or collect food for the hungry, clean up trash, and so much more…you could even reach out with your own project anywhere that you see a need.
The length of volunteer projects can vary from hours to days and longer. There are many opportunities that can be done daily, weekly, and/or monthly.
Most people volunteer because it feels amazing to reach out and help others but it also gives each person a chance to learn a skill, meet new people, network with other volunteers and the organizations they work with, and did I mention…fun!!
Explore the volunteer data and stats in this interactive map:



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