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Home safe… October 26, 2013

I am home safe from Sandy Relief on Staten Island but I can honestly say that I left a small piece on my heart there!  I am already looking at dates for a return trip because I know that value of having a safe, warm place to call home and coming home means so much to each of us.  My wish is that one day that some folks will have let go of various stereotypes surrounding the issue of homelessness in our country!  As many recent disasters have proven, it only takes an act of Mother Nature to wipe out our feeling of security and sense of belonging, our material possessions, our homes and jobs, and most heart wrenching of all our loved-ones.

It is truly ironic that the church we stayed at while on Staten Island was a temporary home to many each night!  I want to reach out to those individuals to find out what it meant to be homeless during Superstorm Sandy and/or if they were in their current situation because of the storm.  Often times, I feel that the folks that are homeless are the forgotten voices during times of disasters because the focus sifts to the overwhelming influx of need throughout the community during and after the crisis-at-hand.

I feel blessed to have been part of a group effort to help bring people “home.”  There is so much truth in the words: “Home is where the heart is!”  I take my “home” with me wherever I go because it is in my heart; however, there is much to be said about having a safe, comfortable place to rest your head at night, enjoy meals with your family and friends, and to build the bonds with everyone that enters over the threshold of the place we call “home.”  

Please reach out in anyway that you can to help those in need!


2 Responses to “Home safe…”

  1. Celia Knight Says:

    What she said!!! xooxo Love it!

  2. Kim Russell Says:

    I am goad you are back home safe and sound. I have no doubt in my mind that you will be back there in the near future to help. That is just the type of person you are my dear sister. I am so very proud of you and for all that you do for others.

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