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Knowledge is Powerful!! March 6, 2012

Each an every day I am learning so much more about the people that have gotten sick because of the BP oil spill. The courage that it takes to continue to fight for a cure when it seems that there are no doctors that can help you can be an undaunting task.

One common thread that I have found is a strong support system between those that are sick and their family and friends. Those support systems seem to help the folks that are sick continue their fight to get the answers and treatment that they deserve.

There is a strong community of people that have banded together to fight for the rights of everyone and everything involved and/or affected because of the BP oil spill. I have a renewed sense of pride in people as I see others reaching out to make sure that this disaster (and everything surrounding it) does not get “swept under the rug” by BP and the powers to be!



2 Responses to “Knowledge is Powerful!!”

  1. Kim Says:

    I am very proud of you and Most of how you are giving these individuals the respect of telling their story without exploiting them and thier families. You are letting their voice be heird.

    Keep Up the GOOD WORK … I Know YOu WILL… IF there is a story to be told… I know you will be the one to do it…..

    • Lori Mould Says:

      Thanks Kim! Your support means so much. Helping other people is so rewarding and the truth needs to be told. Thank you to everyone else that has already been getting the truth out there!

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