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Searching for the truth… March 5, 2012

The next few days will be filled with interviews from the bayous in Louisiana to the coastal Mississippi towns that have were inundated with Louisiana Sweet Crude, crude oil aerosols, and the dispersants  Corexit 9500, as the primary dispersant, and Corexit 9527 after the BP oil spill.

There were 1.84 million gallons of these two dispersants used…1.07 million gallons were applied directly to the surface of the Gulf of Mexico and 771,000 were applied subsurface at the wellhead. This means that for every 93 gallons of crude oil that made contact with the environment one gallon of dispersant was applied to counteract its effects.These figures are staggering to say the least!

From the delicate marshlands and estuaries, the ecosystem, marine and wildlife, to the residents, commercial fishermen/women, tourists, and the community residents, all of the above mentioned groups were put at risk because of BP’s failure to be forthcoming to actual danger of living by, breathing in, and working with this toxic mixture and their failure to provide the proper safety gear to keep the workers from getting sick.

This, to me, was gross negligence on the part of BP to try to reduce their culpability in this matter.


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