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The truth…. March 1, 2012

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So today we are heading out to have an adventure and experience Southern Louisiana. I am hoping to get some great photos and footage to help document areas of concern for the Gulf Coast Region.  I have several interviews scheduled for later in the day that will help me shed some light on what is happening to the folks that have gotten sick as a direct result of the BP oil spill! 

Simply put, the truth needs to be told by anyone that is interested in bringing awareness and educating others about the seriousness of the health, marine life, ecosystem, and various other problems/issues that have–and continue to– occurred because of the BP oil spill. This process will help reach more people and my hope is that this story never dies especially in light of the fact that the trial is set to start on the 5th of March!

I will be heading out for MS, AL, and FL over the next few weeks to make sure that the problems/issues that people are facing from the entire Gulf Coast Region are addressed and that the people’s voices are heard loud and clear. I also want to take the time to thank everyone else that have been documenting the problems/issues that are plaguing the Region and all of that have been affected by the BP oil spill. There are some amazing warriors out there that have been fighting for what is right and just since this enormous debacle happened.  There truly are no words strong enough to thank them for all that they have done!!!




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