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Health for the Gulf Benefit Concert November 13, 2011

Getting ready to head back to Louisiana for both work and pleasure. The last six months have been an adventure in the planning of both Drew Landry’s New York Tour and the Health for the Gulf Benefit Concert at Maison Frenchmen in New Orleans on the 20th of November from 1pm until 6pm!
This benefit concert will be raising monies for leanweb.org so that they can continue to help the folks that have gotten sick due to the Corexit that was sprayed in the Gulf of Mexico because of the BP oil spill.
We will have speakers at this event as well as a wide array of performers for the Gulf Coast Region! The performers will be:
Drew Landry Band
Charmaine Neville & Amasa Miller
Damion Lord Nexus Neville
Bryce Neville
Dancingman 504
Elsie Semmes
Skinz n Bonez
Tony Skratchere
The Troubleshooters
Fritzi Presley
We hope to see y’all out at Maisons!!


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