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NOLA Thanksgiving 2010 November 26, 2010

We will be heading to Ms. Lynette’s home in about an hour and the cool thing about today is that Ms. Lynette will be working with us today!!! I will be filming her today her the documentary as she has an amazing story to tell about what happened before, during, and after Katrina!
Like I have said on numerous occasions, almost all of the people that I have had the privilege to meet in the past 14 months are some of the most resilient, passionate, determined, understanding, and caring people that I have met in all of my travels both here (statewide) and around the world. I have learned so much from coming to this incredible area and I will be forever grateful for those life lessons!
Spend part of last night sharing dessert with Charmaine and friends and had a fabulous time. Although I was still full from a wonderful Southern style Thanksgiving, I could not pass up trying some triple chocolate bread pudding and chocolate pineapple upside down cake!! YUMMY!! Of course there were so many more choices but I could not force myself to partake in them all! LOL
More later….


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