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NOLA Day #5 contd October 14, 2010

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WOW…what a crazy day! There is nothing more satisfying than setting out to get things done and actually accomplishing about 95% of what you set out to do!!! After meeting with Pete, we went out to the Lower Ninth Ward with Bryce Neville. He took us through some areas that once again brought tears to my eyes…WHY is this happening on US soil??? I cannot for the life of me understand how entire neighborhoods can still not be touched. Truly heartbreaking! Bryce took us to the old Carver Middle and High School. This school is now surrounded with a chain link fence and it has been virtually untouched during the last five years. I saw the tears well up in Bryce’s eyes as he talked about his students and the fact that he was not even sure if they made it out of the storm alive!! The students that attended this school were now going to school in a “temporary” trailer village type school. The concern is if these trailer have formaldehyde in them too!
We went to visit with Ms Kim’s friend Scott and he told us about an organization Gentilly Civil Association that he helped start and continues to be involved with. This organization is doing fabulous things for the Gentilly area and may also provide another avenue in which more volunteers can get involved with when they come to the NOLA area to help with the rebuilding!
We had an amazing time at Charmaine’s Jazz Club tonight. She made us a fabulous dinner of succotash, smothered potatoes and turkey, strawberry cornbread, caramel apple cake, and bread pudding!! It was so YUMMY!!! We were with some great company and laughed so hard that I thought I would cry!!


2 Responses to “NOLA Day #5 contd”

  1. J.C. Romero Says:

    I was at Charmaine’s with YOU!!! I had a blast. I love you so much!!!

  2. Lori Mould Says:

    Oh was that you???? Lmao!! I had a great time with you too! I love you so much too and you better not be a stranger when I leave mister!! lol

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