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NOLA Day #5 CONTD October 13, 2010

We had a great meeting with Pete from Episcopal Community Services of LA. He has a wonderful new program that they have started and I will be blogging about it when I have all of the information. His organization is looking for more folks to come on down to New Orleans and help with the rebuilding process. They are a fabulous organization to work with and I know that the experience will either change or enhance your life forever.
Plans have changed for this afternoon! We will be meeting with Bryce Neville this afternoon to take a tour down into the Lower 9th Ward so I will have to reschedule my meeting with Bayou Grace Community Services for next week via video conference. I am looking forward to the tour and filming more footage for the documentary.
It is almost time for my conference call with my fellow GCC SGA officers. Should be a great meeting.


4 Responses to “NOLA Day #5 CONTD”

  1. Miss Kim Says:

    Lori, I just would like to say, I had an awesome time helping you gather information for your project. I wish you did not have to leave so soon.
    I also, want to say …. Thanks for being such a wonderful FRIEND!!!!!!! You are an AMAZING PERSON!!!!

  2. Lori Mould Says:

    Kim, I had an amazing time too! Your help and knowledge has been a great asset in helping get this project to the point it is at. Thanks for all of your help! I wish that I was able to stay longer too but I have to get back to my obligations in NY!
    Awww, thanks so much! You, too, are an amazing person and friend that has made my life better because you are in it!

  3. Miss Kim Says:

    Oh Yeah, I forgot to say I had fun hanging out with you at Charmaine’s. Yes, we do alot of work, but we still find time to take in some of the New Orleans culture.

  4. Lori Mould Says:

    LOL!! I had a great time at Charmaine’s!! I haven’t laughed that hard in awhile!! Laughter is great for the soul!!
    just saying….

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