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NOLA Day #4 October 12, 2010

Today was eventful. We drove down into Plaquamines Parish from Venice to Buras. It is eye-opening to see the residual damage that is still visual all of these years later. Every time I come to Louisiana, I have a new found an appreciation for what the people in this area are and have gone through. From the vehicle that is still stuck in the water in the wetlands, to the homes in various stages of disrepair, to the spoken words from the survivors that ring true after surveying the landscape all over the state. As of today, I have been to all areas of Louisiana and the picture is the same…various stages of damage and/or total destruction still evident in certain areas. The one thing that I have always found that really pulls on my heartstrings is the fact that everyone that I have talked to still has the hope, the fortitude, and the resilience that things will turn around and that this situation will NOT get the best of them!!


4 Responses to “NOLA Day #4”

  1. Miss Kim Says:

    I am having so much fun helping you with your project. I know it will turn out AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. Lori Mould Says:

    Thanks Ms. Kim! You ROCK and I appreciate all of your help. The two of us together could be dangerous!! lol

  3. Cynthia Mason Says:

    Plaquemines Parish as I knew it will never be! Our parish used to be full of orange groves that grew the biggest and sweetest oranges you will ever put to your tongue. We had 3 beautiful schools that educated some of the best people you would ever meet. We had mom and pop restaurants that would make you hurt yourself with their cajun cuisine. The catch of the day could always be found on the docks for sale and oysters on the half shell moved off restaurant bars quicker than you could ask for them. There was always a fishing rodeo going on and everybody met at the end of the day to compare their catch. The oil industry was always up and running. Football friday nights would catch the fans, the teams and the bands playing it for all it was worth! The people were the best part of our town. They could tell you stories and keep your attention for hours on end. Of course, we could do WITHOUT the knats and mosquitos, but you know, even they don’t look so bad if we could only have back what we lost! Yes, Plaquemines Parish is my home, now and forever. I may live in Kentucky now, but my heart will always remain in Buras!

  4. Lori Mould Says:

    Even now, I can see why you loved it there! The skies are so big and beautiful that they reminded me of where I grew up in Wyoming and Colorado! It is so sad to see the Cypress that are dying because of the encroachment of the brackish waters but the wetlands have a beauty that is amazing, breathless, and at times hard to describe.
    I am going to be working with Brad to try to get together some folks from that area that they been hit hard by the hurricanes and the BP oil spill when I come back in November. My hope is that we can have a Town Hall type atmosphere so that everyone can have their say and then the we can start getting their plight out into other communities one community college at a time!!

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