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NOLA Day #3 Contd October 11, 2010

Well, I always told the peeps that came down with me that we can make a schedule but you have to learn to be flexible when you are here. That flexibility worked today as we did not make it to Buras. But a dear friend has family there and left information for me to connect them and I would have missed the opportunity to talk to them if you had made it there today. Thanks so much Cynthia for getting me that info as I will be contacting them tomorrow!!
Today was a great day for gathering more information and I cannot wait until I can sit down and start compiling everything together. I am looking forward to speaking to several of the staff and faculty at Delgado Community College City Campus in New Orleans about their own personal experiences.
We are heading down to Frenchmen Street tonight for some great food, conversation, and music at Snug Harbor. Spending some time talking with Bryce and Charmaine Neville about their experiences for the documentary. We are looking forward to listening to Charmaine Neville and her band this evening.
More to come…


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