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NOLA Day 1 Comes to an end October 10, 2010

So, we went down on Frenchmen Street tonight to The Maison (http://www.maisonfrenchmen.com/) to be a part of Cyril Neville’s Birthday Bash. It was a great time with some amazing musicians. It was a beautiful night so we went to Charmaine Neville’s Jazz Club on St. Charles and enjoyed drinks on the balcony!
I love the culture here. You can truly immerse yourself in it 24/7, 365 days of the year! Gotta love it. Until tomorrow, be safe and have a great night!


2 Responses to “NOLA Day 1 Comes to an end”

  1. Natalie Norwood Says:

    wow!! It sounds as if you are having a grand time! Is this ‘Neville’ clan related to Aaron by any chance?? I love jazz and the awesome history behind it. Some great people sacrificed much for their music. My husband took a jazz history class as an elective a few years ago…it was incredible!


  2. Lori Mould Says:

    Nat, We have been having a great time! And yes, they are the same Neville’s. We are going to see Charmaine Neville and her band tomorrow night. This area is so thick with culture and history that you can cut it with a knife. I absolutely love it!

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