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NOLA Bound October 8, 2010

I will be blogging my entire trip to NOLA and the Louisiana area. I am finally packed…good thing because I have to leave within the hour! Action packed day but now it is time to put those issues away so that the research and documentation in the great state of Louisiana can begin again!! I am beginning to feel that Louisiana is fast becoming a “home” because of the great relationships that I have had the fortune of building in this last year.
If all goes well, I should be arriving MSY at around 11pm NOLA time and then it is off for some Brother’s chicken, good ole southern sweet tea, and a coconut Hubig’s pie!!! Yum, yum!!!
It is going to be an action packed 6 days so I hope that you are ready for an adventure!!


4 Responses to “NOLA Bound”

  1. David Dodge Says:

    Safe travels, my friend! 🙂

  2. Anthony Says:

    Have fun, can’t wait to read the blog!

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