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Tonight’s the night! September 21, 2010

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I am so excited to be going to the Dark Horse Tour with my dear friend Britt tonight! I am hoping to be feeling better by then…thanks to my roomie for making me sick!!! hahaha
Either way I am sure that I won’t have a voice tomorrow!! Peace and quiet for all of those around me! 🙂


3 Responses to “Tonight’s the night!”

  1. David Says:

    Lori, I cannot imagine you ever being so loud as to lose or voice. Oh, wait a second, Creed and Blackberries!!!!!!!! Maybe I can imagine it. 😛 Have an awesome time!

  2. Lori Mould Says:

    HAHAHA, yes, David I admit I have a big mouth!! lol But what can I say I know how to have fun! =) Thanks my friend I am planning on it!!

  3. Anthony Says:

    Sorry! I tried my hardest to keep it away from you!

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