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What the hell were you thinking??? September 14, 2010

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The home that I lived in Colorado with my son was one of the homes that was lost in the Flatiron Fire this week. I have so many fond memories from this time in my life and the wonderful people that I had the privilege of having in my life at that time.
Some stupid person (that lives there) was burning leaves and sticks. Really?? What the hell were you thinking?? Anyone that lives in that area knows that you DO NOT burn outdoors especially when you have had the heat and dry conditions that they have been experiencing!!!
They say charges MAY be pending…I say they better charge this person!! Lucky for him/her that there was no lose of life as of yet.
My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to those that were impacted by this fire.


4 Responses to “What the hell were you thinking???”

  1. Ka-ris Says:

    Stupidity rules this world, Miss Lori. The smart ones have no choice but to react to it.

    • Lori Mould Says:

      That is so true Miss Kris but this is beyond stupidity!! When you live in an area like that, you would have to have your head entirely up your……to not know that you CANNOT “play” with fire for any reason!!!

  2. Anthony Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about this Lori. Stupid actions =[

  3. Lori Mould Says:

    Thanks Anthony. It’s funny that I would feel sadness over a home that I haven”t lived at in over ten years. But living there was such a great experience…viewing the wildlife (elk, bears, deer, eagles, mountain lions, oh my), feeling the peace and tranquility from living so far from other people and the city. It truly is hard to put into words!

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